What I Wear
Social Profiling Website 
The Idea of WIW social profiling website is based on the idea of personalization. Fashion is something distinctive and exciting due to its unexpected and surprising result, a combination of creativity and functionality to create an astonishing confidence and influence. We believe that the most interesting part in fashion is laid on its basic form of styling.

In the first photoshoot, which intended to be used for our main banner. The idea behind it is 'fetish', we want to show the straightforward visuals of people behavior based on insights of both male and female likes to spend hours in fron of their closet to find the right clothes or outfit for them. 
Photographed by Yohannes Mangitung
Styled by Anastasia Siantar
Make Up Artist is Sunny Goh
Produced by Bob & Wenny Iskandar
Design & Direction by Randy Raharja
For more behind the scenes shots, you can check on our blog.
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