Say hello to the Monsters Playground, an experiential digital installation that allows motorists and shoppers to interact with specially created monsters that live in South East Asia's largest LED billboard.
The monsters are able to shout out your tweets. Use it to communicate with other motorists, or with your friends. 
Tenants at Taman Anggrek can even hide messages and prizes onscreen for people to discover.
A specially designed mobile app will link with the Taman Anggrek rewards programme. The more you play, the more points you earn. These points can be used to buy special onscreen items for your monster. 
ECD: Keat Soh
ACD: Fajar Kurnia (Art), Jeremy Chia (Copywriter)
AD: Erik Gunawan, Randy Raharja
Grand Prix OOH Citra Pariwara 2013
Bronze Lotus at Adfest 2014

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