Silaturahmi means a brotherly/sisterly/friendly bond between basically anyone—friends, relatives, colleagues. In Muslim philosophy, silaturahmi is something you’re advised to always maintain and develop throughout life.

Lebaran is the most precious holiday for Indonesians because it's their opportunity to meet their loved ones, especially for those who came from the countries. This year, Covid 19 had changed the life time tradition. There's no more kisses on the cheek. There's no more Mudik (exodus) for government are trying to contain the spread of the virus. The virus had broken lots of people's heart.

There's influx of orders right before the social distancing policy implemented. At Shopee, being able to maintain your Silaturahmi is our commitment. We understand how important it is, especially where you can't be there with your loved ones. We might not be perfect. The goods might come later than you want them to be, there might be some screw ups, but we will go ups and downs to ensure your Silaturahmi arrived safely at your door. 
Initial Storyboard x Final Output
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