Is New Always Better?
The Departures
It is in our nature as human to always pursue what's best for us, the nature that leads us to a never ending process of finding satisfaction. Most of us believe in improvement, by improving the old for a better future. We move on to a better job, better places, we changed our partner in life, we changed our field of study, our major, our nationality, but the question that remains that sometime (or always) bring doubts is, is new always better? 

Based on that sentiment, I came up with this question to myself who had never enough satisfaction and haven't found a place for me to settle for now. 

Old buildings always captivated me with lots of haunted and creepy stories. Old buildings are fascinating for the stories behind, well, at least for me, the creep side of it is indeed interesting. This photo, provided by JUICE Magazine Malaysia whom had given me opportunity to do whatever to a page based on a photo of old building given by them. My sentiment has been able to be executed in a way suits to the photo given, a building where most of horrible things happened (suicide, homicide, you name it) and this building will soon be forgotten, well, the memories behind, and the bad things behind, what's going to happen to them? Will they be forgotten? The people? Their sadness? Their problem? 
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