IDEAFEST 2011 - Stefan Sagmeister
Series of animated backdrops for Stefan Sagmeister's presentation in IDEAFEST 2011 Jakarta. I'm so glad and excited to be able to do something for Stefan (I missed the event tho). 

The purpose of the presentation is convey 5 aspects of Stefan's presentation, about Sagmeister Inc, about his characteristics, about his works, about his experience in Bali, and lastly, one of his maxim. The project was assigned to me 6 days before the event, however, it's an offer I can't turned down. 

I came up with a decision to do a several treatment for his famous S logo. The reason is clear enough what could define him more than his own identity mark?

The first S is the introduction of Sagmeister Inc. The second S is an arrangement of Banana - related stuffs (I think he likes Banana jokes). The third S is compilation of his works which S was created from sunflower, while the surroundings are created from his selected works. The fourth S is about his life in Bali, a sequence from a happy film came up to my mind and I used the water melon which decorated with a typeface which is done by my friend Ida Puspita Wijaya ( an illustrated series of typeface about Bali) and the same old Balinese - black and white pattern. The last piece is the easiest as this conference is about creative billionaire, Stefan's idea about being happy is not about material wealth, it's more to satisfaction of living life to the fullest with, of course, strong financial status, however, it is not the first objective of living and designing. Money Doesn't Make Me Happy is the maxim that I picked from his second book, Things I Have Learned in My Life. 

Bali Typeface - Ida Puspita Wijaya
3D Animation and Modelling - Adria Gutawa

Thanks PlanktonLabs for giving me this opportunity
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