Agoda has got more hotels available on our site than anyone else.
We can literally put you right in the heart of whatever action you want to be in.
So when you book a room with Agoda,
You’re really booking a… base camp.
We went even further by telling the stories behind some of the places and people that were featured.
Each and every piece of work we produced did not only encourage exploration, it was explorable.
The team

ECD: Dominic Stallard
CD: Fajar Kurnia, Jeremy Chia, Eric Yeo
Art Director: Randy Raharja, Gabriella Kow, Kimmy de Leon, Marina Lim, Tim Chai, Kin Lin
Copywriter: Jeremy Chia, Sheila Gonzales
Producer: Pattira Kietivanichanon, Zheng Kai
Account Director: Daryl Goh, Charlene Wee
Account Manager: Amanda Lim, Rica Facundo
Account Executive: Guay Qianhui, Jessica Rovira
Film Director: Vincent Urban
Photographer: Pariwat Anantachina
Graphic Artist: Pariwat Anantachina
DI Artist: Pariwat Anantachina
Production House Producer: Janyaluck Khamdaeng
Animator: Deo Mareza, Nikkita Wibisono

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